Building security: Why deleting Security from your project, shouldn’t be considered

Review by Dylan K, April 2021

Building Security, a MUST for your project!  Hear WHY, from the Straight Talking Security Specialists…


I’m obviously biased.  However, I do find it odd, that when a project is going through the Value Management process, Security is one of the first items on the chopping block.


It seems as if, because it’s not as easily understood as say the Electrical and Plumbing packages, it’s easier to delete it, rather than take the time to understand it, or ask someone who does.


And without saying it, you’ve just sent a message: That the safety and security of the end-user, isn’t as important as the numbers on yours or your clients bank balance.


To put it into perspective, I don’t recall hearing anyone ask an Electrician to delete all of the lights. Or delete all the switches in an apartment.  Just to see what sort of savings they’ll achieve. The question is usually “is there an alternative product or supplier?…”, the likely answer is yes.


And, although it may surprise you, it usually works the same way for Security.


So how do we provide cost savings in New Building Security, without simply deleting it?


Well, we all know that Manufacturers spend a lot of time and money, getting their product specified by consultants. And that’s not to say that the specified product isn’t going to do what you’re asking it to do. But as your Security Specialist, I’m going to throw it out there, there is always an alternative!

And 99.99% of the time, it does exactly the same, or at least a very similar job, and cost you less.


Outside of changing the products that are being specified, system design also leaves a lot to be desired.  And at the same time, a lot of opportunity. I quite often see symbols on drawings that don’t actually make a lot of sense. And unfortunately, there is an inherent fear that if the contractor tendering on the project was to leave them out of their submission – and is awarded the contract – they would be hit with having to add them in at no additional cost.

Or provide a credit to delete them. For example: “they are on the tender docs so should be included, and are part of your scope”.


So while working through Value Management on a project, rather than just heading straight to deletions, pick up the phone to one of your security partners, and give us an opportunity to truly display our expertise.


You and your client can be pleasantly surprised with the savings that can be achieved.  Without compromising on the safety of the end user.

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