Got Your

Great Service
Is About
Peace Of Mind

We know security, but at its heart what we really provide is service, support and peace of mind.

It begins with troubleshooting. We respond to calls immediately and our tech guys are on-site promptly, often the same day. If it’s an emergency we can be there within an hour. So you can relax knowing that we’re there if you need us. After all, we know a happy client is a client who is not thinking about security at all but is free to get on with other important things.

Our service and support is not just about being there to troubleshoot. We organise on-site training for your people, and schedule quarterly visits to check in with you. We’re also thinking ahead and pre-empting upgrades, new tech and your changing needs. We have your back in ways you don’t even notice.

No cowboys here.
Just a friendly, supportive,
can-do security team!

What’s Your

Solving problems is our sweet spot. The more complex, the better. So much so, we’ve built our business on it. Which is lucky because many of our clients first find us when they have a problem with their existing system. We see your problem as our opportunity – to prove what can-do whizzes we are and show off just a bit. Hey, we’re only human.

No one likes changing security companies. It can be costly and painful. So most people only do it when they have an issue with their system or support. So when you have a problem we make it ours. We get to the heart of it and recommend the best way to solve it – for good. No band-aid solutions for us. Which is one of the reasons when people move to Culprit they tend to stay.

New Ideas
and New Ways
of Working

Old-school can be great, especially when you’re talking vinyl, bikes or barber shops. But when it comes to security you definitely want new-school. That’s Culprit. Progressive thinkers who love their gadgets and their work. Nothing makes us happier than delving into the latest tech and showing you what it can do.

New-school also means looking for creative, simpler ways to do business. Whether it is new ways to stay in touch, share info, upgrade your systems or trouble-shoot, ultimately we’re all about making life easier and safer for our clients. You never know, we might even inspire some real change in the industry.