Let’s be honest,
our industry
hasn’t always
enjoyed a great

The security industry should be about trust and peace of mind. When it comes to the safety of people and important assets no one likes surprises. Surely that’s a given. At least that’s how we see it at Culprit.

But let’s be frank. Not everyone has positive experiences with the security industry. We know – because we went out and asked Building, IT and Operations Managers around the country. The way they described the sector wasn’t very flattering. They used words like shonky, unreliable, complicated, unresponsive, and no-transparency. Ouch.

They described big, faceless companies with cookie-cutter solutions, vested interests, lock-in contracts and poor customer follow up. They didn’t paint a very pretty picture.

Just so we’re clear, they weren’t talking about Culprit. But still it’s disappointing to hear that our industry is viewed like that. So we’ve taken it to heart. We’ve made it our mission to change the way people think about security. Culprit is leading by example to be honest, straight-talking security specialists, here to make your life easier.

Straight talking security specialists

No jargon or
tech babble here.
We’re keeping it real

Security is not an exact science. At times there can be a range of options available to suit a situation. But Culprit knows and uses all the latest tech so we’re experts at helping you identify the best combination. When we say best, we mean the ideal one for your specific needs – and budget. We talk you through them, not bombarding you with jargon and tech babble, so you know exactly where you stand. It’s a pretty straightforward approach but we find it works.

Good security is
also about what
we don’t do…

What we don’t do is almost as important as what we do. We don’t recommend systems or brands because we get a kickback from them. We don’t sign you up and then forget you. We don’t leave you hanging when you have a problem. We don’t hit you with hidden fees and surcharges. We’re not in it for a quick buck. That’s just not the Culprit way.

So what is our way? Ultimately, we like to do business with clients who think and behave like us. So when we find them, or they find us, as is often the case, we like them to stay. So the Culprit way is to invest in our clients. By making their problems ours, and solving them cleverly. By doing what we say we’re going to do. By thinking progressively and always looking for better ways to do things. And by making sure we’re there for our clients when they need us. We’re a different kind of security. That’s real security.

in contracts?
That’s not the
culprit way