Good People Good Security

To Hang Our Hat On

Culprit is built on a culture of can-do. Rolling up our sleeves and taking responsibility for a situation. It’s a mindset that begins with our leadership group, who if they’re honest, aren’t big fans of desks and ergo chairs. They’d much rather be on-site and meeting with the clients. It’s that direct line to our principals with their decades of collective experience, that gives our clients the assurance they need.

This personal approach is in our corporate DNA. Our team is lean and agile by design. It means we get to know our clients and their systems, so we’re always ready to respond to your needs quickly and effectively. Which is why they talk about us so much with their friends and business associates, and why so many of our clients come through word of mouth.

A Can-Do

We hang our hat on doing things differently. That includes a genuine desire to create a unique working environment within our industry. A place where honest, experts who love what they do thrive together. That might all sound a bit abstract. But there are real, nuts and bolts ways we go about doing this.

All our staff packages allow for further learning, recertification and personal development. What’s important to our hearts is important to us. We also actively encourage the sharing of experience, knowledge and expertise. By removing personal incentives and individual commissions we cultivate a workplace where the team works as one and shares the rewards.

We’re in the business of safety and security. That means being honest and transparent at all times. With our staff and our clients. It’s a culture people want to be a part of. It sounds simple but it’s how we attract good people and forge lasting relationships with clients. Honestly.

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