Hard wired CCTV in 150 year old Hotel Pub

Review by Culprit Security, July 2021

Hard wired CCTV solutions can be much more cost effective and reliable.

This is how we installed a hard wired CCTV solution to secure a 150 year old recently renovated pub. Also whilst taking care to maintain its heritage features.


Imagine…You’ve recently renovated your business, office or warehouse.


But you haven’t updated your security systems in order to protect your investment.
Moreover, your current system has old, outdated cameras, that don’t satisfy your needs or your insurance requirements.
Adding to that, playback is difficult to use, which makes reviewing footage a nightmare.
Also, the picture on the footage is inconsistent, grainy and unclear, especially when it seems you need it most.
Finally, there is limited coverage of the site itself, meaning you’re constantly worried about blind spots.


Then, out of the blue…


You have a workplace, health and safety incident.
And unfortunately, the coverage of the site doesn’t show the entire incident.
Also, any footage that is captured is still deemed not clear enough to show you that you followed correct safety practices.
This outdated technology hasn’t helped at all, and you’re forced to pay a large sum of money.
And, your insurance criteria aren’t met to claim it back!


Unfortunately, it is a common scenario.


This is why Tim decided to reach out to us, in order to prevent these problems in his future…
We met with him face to face, to design and recommend the most beneficial solution for his business.
We went through all of the wireless options, and spoke about how we’d make sure to prevent any damage to his new renovations.
Whilst Tim was originally set on a wireless option, in order to prevent any damage to his new renovations, we truly believed a hardwired option would suit his situation better.


The Solution


Not only was a hardwired option a much more cost effective security solution. But the technology was also far more consistent and reliable.
After a detailed consultation & chat about:
  • How we’d go about installing a hardwired CCTV system;
  • Why we thought it was the best option;
  • How we’d make sure to maintain his fresh paint job, Tim decided to go ahead with our suggestions.


The job was extremely rewarding for our team. We provided the owner with peace of mind and more importantly, we were able to protect his business and his future. 
Words from the owner, Tim:
“Culprit were fantastic throughout the whole process in installing a camera system and upgrading our alarms. The team listened and exceeded expectations to our concerns.  Even when we wanted to avoid conduit, etc in our recently renovated 150 year old hotel. They delivered on all promises, provided a brilliant 30 camera solution in a timely manner. And even helped with things like safety protocols for staff to respond to late night alarms and interact with the monitoring service.
They also made suggestions along the way to improve coverage and save money without compromising the end solution. Also, post installation follow up has been very responsive. We highly recommend Culprit Security. Great people!” – Tim Buckley
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