Vaping sensors put Victorian schools in the spotlight

Review by Culprit Security, August 2021

Vaping sensors installed to help combat teenagers participating in the illegal habit at school. As schools plan how to safely and effectively return students to the classroom in response to the recent shutdowns, there is still an ongoing epidemic that continues to be top of mind for education administrators: student vaping.


Over the last year alone, vaping and e-cigarette use has grown by 1,000% amongst high school students. Victorian schools are going to new lengths to tackle the growing problem of teenagers vaping (including e-cigarettes). Sensors are being installed in some campus bathrooms across the state to catch students who break the law with the dangerous habit.


Principals and teachers are now turning to vaping sensor technology to catch and stop kids from smoking at school, taking their duty of care to parents and other children very seriously.  While there are clear health implications for students who choose to vape, the decision to do so on campus also impacts fellow students and teachers. Especially when done in areas like bathrooms and locker rooms where there isn’t proper circulation or air filtering.


Chemical such as nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerol, are being circulated.  These toxic chemicals contribute to increases in total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs).  Also, increases in particulate matter and other cancer-causing chemicals.


Multiple Melbourne schools have recently installed Verkada vaping sensors on the roof of bathrooms. When they detect vape smoke, an alert is sent to school staff. Adding to that a security camera starts recording outside the bathroom door to see who exits.


For locations like bathrooms, cameras can be placed outside these private areas (with security sensors inside). This gives administrators a non-invasive way to monitor these incidents. At the same time, they also have the footage they need to identify the student and take action.


The measures of installing security sensors and vaping sensors are being praised by local health authorities.  It is clearly seen as a great way to combat the dangerous trend and protect other students.


Culprit is dedicated to creating safe and secure spaces for all. We are partnered with multiple schools to help stamp out the issue. 


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